Custom Banners

*Custom Banners*

  -Custom banners are a great for parties, showers or sprucing up your home decor.

  -Prices start at $15.00 and go up depending on size, length, amount of different colors and amount of detail.

  -Banners made of heavy cardstock 

  -Contact me for any banner needs you may have

  • Customization & Modification Policies

    Please contact me for any custom orders or modifications to existing products that you would like. Prices vary.

    I Love creating custom orders for my customers. I will communicate with you through the design process allowing you to bring your vision to life. I will create a mock up of the product for you to approve or make any changes needed before completing the product.

    Note the turnaround time for custom orders may vary depending on the amount of time it takes to design the product (usually 3-5 business days), the time it takes for me to order and receive the exact shirt, cup or any other item you are customizing (varies) and the time to complete the final product (3-5 business days).

    Modifying existing products include but not limited to:

    -Different style or color of existing product

    -More words or graphics added to existing product.



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